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When the power fails, know that your home will still be fully operational. Quentin Mason Electrical provides Generac and Honeywell brand standby/portable generators and automatic/manual transfer switches. Together, they are a reliable backup power source for your home, construction, camping, tailgating, and outdoor events.


When the power goes out, don’t worry about lighting the candles. Whether you’re looking for an emergency power source or complete power for a small office building, our generators quietly protect your home with an immediate, automatic, and reliable response when your utility power quits. Our Honeywell and Generac generators are an affordable and hassle-free backup power source for your residential and light commercial properties.

Transfer Switches

An automatic transfer switch is used with a standby generator to automatically transfer power to the generator when you utility power fails. Manual transfer switches are used with standby and portable generators to provide circuit breakers to monitor and allow power switches when utility power fails. Call us to get your home and family protected when the electricity goes out.

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